December 31, 2011

The Green Balcony - Thursday Poets Rally Week 59

 The Green Balcony - 

A Heart beating with Love
Laughing and raising his Glass
Heedless of questions of feelings 
Asking only about his journey.

Happy heart took me tirelessly
to build me a green balcony 
Greenness that beats with a song 

A song that touches my sadness
Building in my broken conscience
Fixing in my disturbed intentions
Hiding from me, my bad memories
Then forces my sorrow to flee 
Escape away from me
Only tenderness and solved problems
Stay untouched ... -
To let me again raise my glass
With proud and happiness

Happy New Year everybody.
I hope that the new year brings a smile to you and your loved one's faces. 

© 2010-2011 registered & protected

December 22, 2011

The burdens of meeting - Acceptance <> Forgiveness

That was not the promise 
Mournful prayers are to be send 
above the flames of longing 

If not for some of my tears 
That still draw for me 
"The beautiful YOU"
I would not pray for you 

If not for some nostalgia of kisses
That i still seek in your darkness 
I would not show up like this

The promise in the meetings
should not be like this 

Meeting you on secrets
Speaking to you in whispers 
Hiding our desires from others  
Only seeking our selves 
in the past. 

If not for the few of mercy 
that remains in my broken heart 
I wouldn't follow the wailing path. 

 © 2010-2011

Submitted to dVerse Poets: Meeting the Bar (Contrast) with Victoria C. Slotto registered & protected

December 10, 2011

Family Legacy - Perfect Poet Award Week 57

Lofty, still standing, 
even after the fall of the people 
The bloods and wounds
blinds the eyes of family 
& the wounds in the soul remains.

I knew I would bring courage
back to our Family
It skipped many many generations
before it finely landed on me!

They call me the brave one
I will not hide when there is thunder
I will not shake or go under

My poem: Convince Yourself won Perfect Poet Award Week 57

Thank you Thursday Poets Rally
 I nominate Black Swan Poetry for the next award.
© 2010-2011

November 30, 2011

Convince yourself

When you see them
look deep into the kindness
& sweetness in our Souls 

Then you would know that, 
They cannot tolerate our happiness
Then consider that as a mild earthquake 
& remember to smile. 

Think of them as a light that 
shines between combined black clouds 
They admire the purity of our hearts
and the attractiveness of our words

Long looks, Confusing habits 
Suspicious emotions, Speaking looks 
with yellowish smiles -
Will not lead you to confrontation 
but to smile back and forgive. 

Shared with Thursday Poets Rally week 57
© 2010-2011

November 13, 2011

Burned again

Hehe hehe
Poor me
I thought I learned a lot
Life is so hard to live in 

I Learned nothing 
Burned a lot 
Sadly what life brings
Without please is burning heats. 

How is't to be nice 
And hurt or burn 
In the name of Love
You might admit as-well 
That life is hard to be in. 

Every kiss is hidden in the night 
Every promis is forgotten in the morning
Only questions stays to be asked

Only I know the answers 
But let me ask you, what have I learned? 
I learned a lot, but nothing yet. 

© 2010-2011


After watching you glow 
After waiting under the old tree
I cried .. Would you just write back

Humming the old love song
Whatever you want to do 
Is OK with me
Just let me hear from you

I will wait and be the one you 
Want to run back to
In any time, in any place
I will cry and wait. 

Let's stay connected, loving 
Our journey in it's sadness
is giving to us as a joy. 
I wouldn't run alone 
Enough for me to wait and cry. 

© 2010-2011

October 19, 2011

Harbor Life

The Combination stood, looked how I cry
on the coast of glory alone
and builders of the old buildings
left me, when the Challenge
suffer alone

She stood
We should be ashamed, harbor life,
and enough that shame, we escaped

She was mourning the days
of happiness and glory. 
We are still suffering
from the horror of the nodal

She stood
talking about itself, with a song
the lyrics braked in to our souls,
but we did not run to her
Waited years to come back to her
give her the oldest friendly

Whenever, the Queen returns,
I will work on Qualifying myself
for the completion of the promise
And a present for never land,
No, degradation!

There will never be a fugitive
between us from Covenant,
a not lax in us,
or not lying on challenge time

Almighty of God, bless her
Sublime we haven't seen patience
as her patience,

Do not Grieve... You are free
Will those human-beings
appreciate you ever

You are the safe
it's not in Justice that they inherit you
Thus ... without begging

Wrote these lines for my home country Somalia © 2007

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2011

I preferred in my Life ... to forget

all I hear from you is admonition
so NO admonition

Let's not mention the purgatory
Let's not remember Love
I preferred in my life ... to forget

I am tired of pains
I am fed up and in the blind
I miss my days .. where I smiled
I do not go looking for you ... anymore

Just stay in your place
Do not talk to me about your pains
And not tell me about your longings
Do not care about your affairs ... or mistakes
I do not go looking for you ... anymore

Do not reproach
Let's not mention purgatory
Let's not remember Love
I preferred in my Life ... to forget

Have mercy on me from your words
And do not split my heart with your words
I do not hear you moaning ... anymore

Because ...
I do not go looking for you ... anymore
I remember as I gave you my heart
Or as the day I dedicated my Love to you
You promised that you would not hurt me

Oh, How I lived in aspirations of the past
And I was alone ... I cry for myself
Crying the stolen aspirations
I do not go looking for you ... anymore


© 2010-2011

October 10, 2011

Do not make fun

If I decide to throw myself
in to your hell. 
If I just accept the fact
 of you overwhelming me with Love.

Let's say my mind will only follow you
& I would just walk around the world
seeking your passion.
Then I would walk back home in search of you
While every child I walk across calls me creepy

Then ... 
Do not make fun of my pain
Do not afflict my pain
Because what if you one day switch places
What if it happens to you one day
and you feel my pain,
became mad like me.

I would not make fun of your
 I would be pleased by your Love
Would never make fun
of the intensity and madness
of longing

Desire or passion is ...
Like the gardens and silks of the Lord
Created as an award for us,
despite our madness in love.

An old one. I hope you like it. 
© 2010-2011

October 09, 2011

Shining Star

My friend
What if you get tired from the world
And be satisfied with me. 
What if you get interested in me
walked towards me 

My friend
What if it you become satisfied in this world
What if I convict you, that with me you might forget 

My dear, I am ...
unique by nature and no one is like me 
I am like those who have their hearts in their hands
They give away their hearts to whom they like and Love

I am .. as you see me
I walk on the green carpet that is bend like Heaven 
Dancing to the music, that's only to be played in Heaven,
I'm mostly like a picture that been drawn by Angels.

And I am like that star ,
that had captured many astronomers hearts 
But also a star that shines only to one
whose passion and sorrow she dies for  

 I do pray for you 
& ask God to relieve from your heart
He would accept from me.
I do not suspect my heart.

© 2010-2011

October 04, 2011


Standing on a chair 
trying to reach the radio 
Appears angry and in a rush

She reaches the radio
and starts to change between it's channels. 
Then looks at the clock on her hand 
and starts to hit the radio 
while mumbling some ugly words. 

Finely she finds the channel, 
It is the music she likes, 
runs out to call the friends, 
to listen with her.

You ignorant of what you see 
Houses appears dormant 
until the evening. 
Families get together for this 
sound to sing and dance. 

Fantasying, imagining the dresses 
of the female singer and how elegant
 the musicians would look like.

  © 2010-2011

October 02, 2011

A Person

A normal person
Used to have the ability
To invest in love
To discuss relationships
To forget pain 
And to conspire life

This ordinary person
Used to hear a call
That tells about survival

Used to have the euphoria of survival
Could hear complaints from people
And would call for them to stay wherever

Remains of a person
Left with his dreams
He lost his voice.
with his ignorance
and quiescence.

OpenLinkNight at dVerse Poets Pub

© 2010-2011

September 26, 2011


I've been told 
the finest dress a woman 
can wear is the dress 
of Shyness and modesty 
It's pure and elegant they say.

My dear, 
Whisperers of my humble modesty
are dedicated to you, without shame

Only shyness, I feel when I'm with you. 
Maybe when I experience a certain 
moment with you. 

Is it my purity or is't how you easily
can lead me to a feeling that invites 
every confused heart with his muse 
to a love ceremony. 

With humble music, I dance with timidity 
around the smiling faces, 
While I'm dressed 
with my finest dress. 

© 2010-2011

September 20, 2011

Requests in September

Here arrives the September
wearing the dress of Fall

The Foliage covering all the sidewalks
hiding the impacts of our footsteps
Blocking from our eyes
the great memories of summer.

He stood there, the one
Who still sends his old requests
To the Lord.

I do only worship you my God
& I know that I have a destiny
I will soon meet.

God I knew my memories can be forgotten
But I never thought that memories
can be hidden.

Why would you send the wind
or the foliage to stand between me
and my unforgotable days.

© 2010-2011

September 13, 2011

Almost forgiving

Always comes to me
Begging .. kneeling infront of me

Raising his hands to me
Flowers had covered his eyes
Eyes were filled with tears

Kneeling in front of me
Raising flowers to me
And almost were choking in the words

Fine and kind words
Supplicant and compassionate words
Words were choking ... and throttling his voice
While asking for forgiveness!

I would forgive you my beloved
 if you just give me my heart back
& leave me in this tragedy

 Shared with: d’Verse Poets’ Pub   
© 2010-2011

August 28, 2011

Behind the Walls

I wish I meet the moon again
to tell him what the sun did to me. 
My heart is alone, and my hands shakes.

Walls behind the walls, and my eyes 
disappears while hiding behind the windows

Who allowed the Sun to control us?
Will we ever achieve our safe nights?

I wish the moon knocks on my door again
to let it be a new moment of hope.
How will the nights return?

My fear, Stands between me and my
freedom and the moonlight. 

© 2010-2011

July 19, 2011

The Crack

Between every waft and gust
You could hear a crack
of voices of men & women, 
as they carry their children 
despite the split and bang. 

Every waft carries to you 
the husky voices while humming
songs from time of liberty
despite every rift and jag.

You would crack for a moment 
but you would go on with your life
and they will still twist a tear 
for each gust and crack. 

© July 2011
For the drought victims in East Africa

 is now welcoming new poets, join us. 

July 01, 2011

Happy July 1st.

On July 1, 1960, Somalias independence day.


Somalia before the civil war.

© 2010

June 17, 2011

Tempting illusions

After the sun of the afternoon
and before the sunset
we would speed up
in our steps,
towards the night
of our loneliness.

Leaving the sign of our sadness
that the daytime marked
on our forehead
a sign of our youth,
which was short.

The youth was not permanent
but the grief remains
in our souls.

However my illusions
made the world
much more tempting
to survive every-day!

Quicker to the night
where the joy of the dances
where the effects of the day
would not be seen.

© 2011

May 11, 2011

Five minutes

After playing this piece of music
accompanied by my mournful voice.
I decided to travel the world as tourist.

Wherever my destiny takes me
I'll just close my eyes
 and fly over the world!

I'll take some of me
to experience with me,
Some of my quick five minutes
of a dream!

When one is not able
to make anything.
One can dream, and depend
on his share in the world of dreams.
Only from the first glimpse 
I caught a glimpse of your joy
Joy and happiness dancing
with my music

My passionate heart
experienced with you the love
that led to escape 
to close my eyes
to take five minutes
from life
to dream away.

After this piece
wherever my destiny takes me!


© 2010

May 04, 2011


Thank God
I still have the echo of my voice
Allthough my breath is still in flame,
burning for the old nostalgia.

Thank God,
for being only close to the misery
only struggeling
with feelings of boredom
not yet dead of waiting
but only regretting.

Thank God,
I can still convince myself
That there is a meeting
after each farewell.


© 2011

April 30, 2011

A kiss from hell

As the rumor tells us,
There were a village,
known for their high palm trees.

Only well motivated young people
would bother themselfs to climb the trees,
and enjoy the delicious dates.

With the impulsive youths hearts
We can take sheets to cover the trees

To watch the village from above
to watch the old farmer in the fields
While he kisses the wife, a kiss from hell.

© 2010

April 29, 2011

My eyes

With your proud voice
you always tell me,
that you can read in my eyes

You can see my love to you
trough my eyes
And my longing too.
The yearning nights to meet you
are to be found in my eyes!

While the tears of loneliness
Filling my eyes with fear
of losing you!

Can you see,
My dispersed thoughts
Whenever you break up
the limits of my jealousy.
Break the habit,
and show me How
to control the jealousy
that you've costed me.

© 2010

March 16, 2011

Strength to be patient

Nothing much left in me
Your power had not remained
anything in me.

I'm waiting for this parade
to pass me, to see what you left me
Nothing much left in me
Just some of the light of my eyes,
that I wouldn't need, to see through

I will give the light to you
and some of the strength of
my willpower. Don't burn them
or take the hope from them.
Take care of them!

Some of me eagerly wanders
to seek you in the parade,
call you, with my unheard voice.

Ask you to give me
some of your mercy,
and strength to be patient
So what left in me wouldn't
float on the sea.


For the people of Japan -   © 2011

March 14, 2011

Influenced by ... !

Few steps between you and I
If you approache, you will regret.

Few things we must identify
like our principles or values
We must renew our promises!

Are you surprised?
Let's not, shall we?

Inspiring revolutions
around the world.
Allows me to give a
taste test of these
and bring revolutions
to our "home".

within my weak body,
Will be valued with a relieved pain

This is not rebellion
against the dominator

Only a desire after an
understanding, supporting
lover at home.

© 2010

January 25, 2011

The new tomb

A new tomb is on
the verge of completion
of drilling, who's dead?
Some remains of
the remains of victims
from the last battle,
lying there before
being burried.
But the new tomb
is finished who will
they burry today.
Many many victims
died together,
Their bones and blood
are all mixed together.

They were not jurists
or experienced politicans
or preachers,
or ascetics,
or great worshipers
They were citizens
random citizens
their pure blood
are now mixed.
But they only dug
one grave, one tomb
Who's the one,
that will rest in it?
When they were alive
The earth was tight under them
and on their living needs.
They used to share
the worry and stress
their minutes of joy
and years of sadness
Is it possible also
to share one grave now!


January 20, 2011

Festival of Sleep - 2 -

- 2 -
I have nothing left,
but to sleep!
This is not my love
to sleep, and me being lazy.

But to recall your spirit
to rediscover your gentle soul
to see you, only you!
in my dreams

I wish right now, to be visited
by the king of Sleep,
order me to sleep,
See you in the dream

I will dream of you,
lying on the bed of happiness
Lying on the light and serenity.

I did not find that
is the way to in order
to satisfy my instinct
In order to create a better self-
of the spirit of childhood inside me.

Only to see you,
For renewing your photo
And restoration of the huge,
statue of you in my mind.

I would not hide
I try to look at you for
reshaping your look and features
as an intensive look of you
to let me live until tomorrow.

I devised many ways
to revive your picture's
remains in my memory.

That's why,
I rush in to sleep

© 2010
These are the second lines of "Festival of Sleep". 
Read the first part of Festival of Sleep -1-  
I hope you enjoy them.

Submitted for Jingle’s Poetry Potluck

January 19, 2011

Festival of Sleep - 1 -

- 1 -

Here I am,
Getting ready to sleep
And the night did not redressed yet
Calmness shakes me now
Darkness in the place
And all the creations are slept

Well, I finished,
Getting my bed, ready for me
which has long complained about me
The time is not twelve yet
There is still plenty of time.

Then,why would
I hurry in to sleep?!
I do not know!
All I know is that,
I run away to sleep
To feel the calm
To hibernate,
To silence.
Whenever I miss you.

perhaps hurry on,
to see you in my dreams.
In clothes full of snobbery,
love and happiness,
You walk with pride
Of charm
and attraction.

I have nothing left,
but to sleep!

These are the first lines of "Festival of Sleep".
There will be more. Just click on the lable called
"Festival of Sleep". I hope you enjoy them.

January 12, 2011

We Launched groans

behind the limits of reality
I lived with a nice Lover
In an abandoned palace,
near the graves.

In every corner of it,
We buried our memories
And with every window
We launched groans.

In the palace, after years
And the wound still bleeding
The smiles committed suicide
on the doorsteps.
The corridors now
dressed all black!

He left,
Silently with rain or wind
Left after bowing under
The rule of Fate!
Leaving behind
The flowering groves
Yearning to kill me
from suffering only

© 2010

January 09, 2011

To kiss and celebrate.

In their footsteps,
Let's walk with a wobble
We are accompanied by,
The stillness of the night
To deny our existence,
and celebrate.

We are,
in our love and kisses,
The new extremist lovers
We saw dispersion lived
Scattered between
The autumn of our days

who go out of my
balcony every night
To watch the laughter
Of the lovers, while
Walking, kissing
in the parade!

 we can enter into
the religion of lovers,
To rush with them in
their parade,
and celebrate

In their footsteps,
We'll walk with a wobble
to kiss and celebrate.

© 2010