October 10, 2011

Do not make fun

If I decide to throw myself
in to your hell. 
If I just accept the fact
 of you overwhelming me with Love.

Let's say my mind will only follow you
& I would just walk around the world
seeking your passion.
Then I would walk back home in search of you
While every child I walk across calls me creepy

Then ... 
Do not make fun of my pain
Do not afflict my pain
Because what if you one day switch places
What if it happens to you one day
and you feel my pain,
became mad like me.

I would not make fun of your
 I would be pleased by your Love
Would never make fun
of the intensity and madness
of longing

Desire or passion is ...
Like the gardens and silks of the Lord
Created as an award for us,
despite our madness in love.

An old one. I hope you like it. 
© 2010-2011


  1. Shadiatique--you name is a poem all its own! You struck me with the thought of "what goes around, comes around." I've gone through life and, perhaps not overtly, but inside myself "made fun" of others who are different. And now I'm older and, yes, have experienced much of what I thought was odd. I especially like the last stanza.

  2. smiles. love can be ever maddening...and i imagine one day the roles will change or at least hope so because that is a good kind of madness...

  3. Yes it truly can turn you on your head, so I'd never make fun, at least not too much..haha

  4. I am a goofy fool when in love..but would not change one thing about that powerful, cart-wheeling emotion..

    much enjoyed this!!

  5. your last stanza is excellent despite our madness of love

  6. Oh the madness and intensity of longing. WHY does it have to be that way?? Lovesick. In pain. In happiness. Madness. And yes those silks of the Lord are divinely insanely beautiful agonizing raiments to float in.

    It's all the moon's fault!! :)

  7. Desire or passion is ...
    Like the gardens and silks of the Lord
    Created as an award for us,
    despite our madness in love.

    love the way you perceive love, well done.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very nicely done. Has a beautiful flow with much emotion.

  9. Very nice.
    I loved these lines
    "f I just accept the fact
    of you overwhelming me with Love.

    Let's say my mind will only follow you
    & I would just walk around the world
    seeking your passion.''

  10. This expands the saying "it's a game of give & take" with vivid, stark imagery. that's the way love goes

  11. Very supporting words. Thank you I do remember that love is to give and recieve but everything changes now and the values of love changes too. Thank you again.