While appearing busy to the max
While I sway to left and right
Preparing to send again
Messages of a dreamer to the sky
Building between the clouds
New days of happiness
When suddently my messages
turns back to me, without
affecting any!
My messages goes back to me
and I'm silent on my seat - despondent
Always dreaming in a dream
I fall of the sky as a result of daydreaming

And the falling dream, twists back
To float on the lake of memories,
To disappear, dream after a dream. 

My dreams goes back, in despair
Everyday after revealing a secret
That's unable to remain

Your name, in the pages of the sky
Your name, in the pages of the sky
is inscribed above the clouds
Leave from above,
in care to me.

 © 2010

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Jingle said...

well put message,
love your image...
Thanks for the participation.

Someone Is Special said...

You have a nice blog here.. Wonderful..

Three Knots

Happy Rally !

--Someone Is Special--

abthomas said...

A great write, I enjoyed the read, thanks!

words4afriend said...

Very good write, sometimes writers do a lot of dreaming

S. Sharp said...

Hello Ji, Thanks for letting me participate.. I appereciate it alot.


S. Sharp said...

Someone is special,
thanks for the nice comment. <3


S. Sharp said...


Well I dream alot, so much that I feel like the real life is in my dreams not the one I'm in.

Thank you


S. Sharp said...

Words 4 a freind

Loved your comment, hope to see more of it. Thank you


chamiechamz said...

Don;t just dream for your dreams. Make it to reality dear. Nice work. ^^,

S. Sharp said...

ChamieChamz, I totally agree, but some dreams should just be in a dream contrast .

Thank you <3


jessicasjapes said...

I like the way this develops and the last verse in particular, well done!

Jingle said...

visit and comment for 18 participants from my list,
let me know after you are done.
Thanks for the support.

G.K. Asante said...

"Your name, in pages of the sky"

Great line.

gnarlyoak said...

"To float on the lake of memories,
To disappear, dream after a dream. "
killer lines. Great work. Write on...

Shashi said...

Dear S Sharp,

I liked the way you have used dreams in various form in this verse and I enjoyed it. I could feel your sadness coming through... your words like

"When suddently my messages
turns back to me, without
affecting any!"

caught my attention and held me with your dream... thanks for sharing..

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Christopher said...

great poem. the theme of daydreaming, reaching out to the sky and falling back down were great and heart felt. liked the the visual rhythm it created...

Leo said...

beautiful visual feel to this lovely write up! :) i can relate to that daydreaming part. my boss gives a tantrum when that happens :D

My Rally Post

Daniel Jay said...

And another great topic emerges - where do our dreams go?

Was a bit distracted by the syntax and spelling, perhaps I need to read again...

Still, I enjoyed my time here.

Jingle said...

how are you?
reminding you silly and the same stuff;
return favors,
do 18 NEW….
let me know after you are done.

here is mine:

S. Sharp said...

Thanks to all of you. I really liked your words.

Jingle, thanks and I'm sorry I did not comment on all 18 new. I was on a worktrip just come back. I will for sure comment on others posts soon.

Thank you


Jingle said...

Special awards for you. Happy Sunday! xx
Hope to see you at our potluck tonight.

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