Confronted - dVerse Poetics

Defeated by straying 
Fill in the whole entity
Falter then stutter
Words gibber, 
Hum and haw.

No promised day
No cherished memory
How the presence,
Seem so continuance.
Approaching snake, stealthily
Without warning.

This is submitted to dVerse Poetics 
in which we may use the beautiful art of 
Cheryl Nelson Kellar.
ShadiatiQue © 2010-2014
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Abruptness Ode

Abruptness Ode

Comparing to others
You are existent in the sentiment
As you are the light of my eyes
Looking as the purity of my conscience
You are always pure and chaste
Rarity of a calming irrigation

There is a homeland for each lover,
& for each boat a harbor
& for each dreamer a glimpse of a vision.
Never had better description.

This is written for Laurie's prompt at 
Her prompt this week is
 "Letting Go."
Happy to be part of it this time.

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2014

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Back then, 
There used to be some
That will work under the sun
Digging all their hands in the mud
Sweating, building and rising
Building for me and my generation

Faces were curious looking down
Standing behind the curtains
behind the windows

Some faces could only been seen,
Become square as they appear,
From their windows

There were some kids carrying books,
Laughing at other kids when passing.

Sweat and mud filled the air.
People like me would just follow
The song as the builders sing.

The songs, voices would continue
And the windows, become absent faces 
Starring at us.

This poem is written for the promp
Please join us.

ShadiatiQue ©2010-2014
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My own Swan


I saw you fly on the river like a swan
Trying to fly high above the water
Yet your wings touch the water
Water that makes your wings heavy
Beautiful they say, how swans fly calmly 

But someone like me would know
How you try to flee quickly 
Breathtaking they would say, 
I would know that's fear.

We all live in Glass houses
Nothing is hidden, not even our souls
Like Swans we react to danger 
And know how to flee
None of us can be safe

We can see each other 
Just some of us show more through the glass
& some of us hide and forget 
that nothing would be hidden in a glass house.

Be carefull my love
Hate can easily turn into fear.
But i wouldn't throw on you.

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2014

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Complete Existence

I'm with you now. 
Writing on your hand my vows & promises
Asking the Lord to keep the promise. 
So smile, I never knew Love 
except you, my Love.

All the day, I walk on the streets 
Lost, humiliated & counting the minutes
I cannot find myself, so 
I become my fathers daughter
Surviving, to meet you.

Then the night arrives 
& the hurricane in my life subsides 
Then I win back myself 
When I see you, while a tufts of your hair 
is covering some of your face
Oh my existence & the only evidence of my remain.

Your smile builds back my whole entity 
which was demolished in the daytime. 
To write on your hand promises 
that I wont ever fulfill, but my existence    
in you, makes me promise 

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2013
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The Ultimate Dress Sacrifice

While I walk around myself 
To give others a false impression, 
about me, such as 
"I have control on things in my life" 

As I do 
Every night I wake up scared 
Collapsed, intolerant of something 
Or excited about some fool 
Enclosed and Silent, 
Whose opinion is important to me. 

As he will do 
Almost take me in puzzled 
into moments of Disorientation and Confusion 
Like reaching to the final act of my opera 
but where is the convention. 

My friend I care about your opinion 
Choose for me the most beautiful color 
of these dresses - Red or Blue? 
The color of blood? and courage? 
Or The color of nature? and home? 

If I ask you 
To make the ultimate sacrifice 
for me, or be fearless, Intrepid 
Always be brave and ready to fight 
What if I take your sword 
Would you also leave me your shield.

For the sake of the old houses 
Shields are made to protect me from suffering 
But you, Ah, you are RED 
And I'm Blue No blood can stain the heaven 
and I will yet be tolerated with your opinion.


My New

Here, my heart served to you 
Take me with all your waverings
As one of your belongings. 
I'm ready.

I hold you back
yet you waited for me to realize
I'm yours.

You are my new identity
The new me I was looking for
Your eyes and lips as soft as mine
I would never hide our kisses
Let them see us hold hands
You are what matters. 

Let me take the lead, sometimes. 
Let us kiss and touch 

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2013

Patience Art

Know my Heart, That
Until we master the patience art
we wouldn't pass, we'll fail.
After patience some beautiful things
are waiting ahead us.

After we pass these occasions
of flames that twist with us
So come with me patiently
without you I will be weak.

We'll look back and laugh together
These feelings of catastrophy 
Will pass us ... Yeah.

After we move towards our future
I'll kiss your tears away,
You'll finely smile.

What matters is you next to me 
Reminding me without you 
The world is so small. 

These people of boundaries 
Will fall against our love
Then we'll live in peace.

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2013
Usually I dont write this kind of love poems, 
but I felt like it this time.  


Your habits, routine
and the rhythm that you follow
is nothing but the theme of your life.

Repeating and repeating
then you realize that you might as-well 
live your life backwards. 

Then you read,
or watch something
emotions around you grow,
hope will go,
days will pass,
tears will follow,
Then with feelings you live 
your life backwards,
You experience that nothing matters
yet in your life.

Only feelings, tenderness 
or maybe unspoken words
of "the theory of living the life backwards",
will matter in you live. 

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2013

The Fall of the Sky

When the sky falls
You can hear the calls,

In every corner of this harbor
It has a story of lovers
When the night arrives 
& everything in the harbor becomes silence 

Every Lover waits for his heart to arrive
Under the free star & free the sound of the coast

How much I loved this harbor 
How I adored the nights of each port
It has many stories
Special stories of lovers
My story was the best
Yet mine was the saddest. 

When the sky fall
I can hear a call, in my mind

I opened my heart, and saw you
Peered, as arrogant as ever
Standing above my feelings
As I always re-build the scattered 
Tears under your feets.
As the nights and days passes
You still call. 

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2013