April 05, 2017

Remembering & Witnessing

Remembering & Witnessing - d'Verse Poets

I am a human being bored of thinking 
I wake up in my days of health 
To continue in  my wandering
From the suburbs of remembering and witnessing
too proud of the wound.
So I smile. 

Forgetfulness is living in a gloom
I have learned from the arrogance of my wounds.

I refuse to be ...
Just white papers in the anniversary book

I refuse to be ...
Just a drowned with no fear of the wetness!

Hey (I) female ... I resign!
Of the possibilities of life!
From speculation of your femininity

Hey (I) female, in my inspiration
it is like an olive tree
that is heavy of snow

I live in the slums of the massacres
To become a dam in the wind.
So I smile. 


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January 27, 2017

Under your Shades

My way of being with you is not just
understanding, compatibility,
integration of two minds,

It is also relaxing my instinct to another 
on our good-natured amiability for complete existence.

My existence ...
each of us does not ask for something from the other
We give and do not ask ..
I want to see my beloved as it is .. no more.

I do not find the need to lie 
or claim or act while I feel safe next to you
I feel that home is where I is resting under your shade, 
Where you are water, food and a comfortable loved bed.

This sense of being home and sufficiency 
is the one who gives me a sense of security 
Then I don't need all the people around me.

My existence ...
Sincerity is not even an agreement or contract
It happens on its own when both lovers feel that 
They're is filled with each other, 

Then as they realize there is no place in heart for another, 
The same second, the love wakes in them
to discover that is a sincere .. 
and that their mind is limited to one person.

As my sincere love.

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