October 15, 2012

The Dead One

The dead one
That still dreams about existence
Complains about the dark grave

Weakness in bones
Vacancy in the heart
Recall the passing courage 
Where the passion date

I have been told 
The dead one was brave
Only braves die 
and suffer in graves,
And from the scary tales of death above

Ashamed, if I visit your grave
Afraid, if you ask me that question. 

I know you, you cannot rest 
Untill the people change
You will in every visit
Ask me the question

Any changes in our situation?

Ah, still there is humiliation
Many caught up in your death.

Obituary published with love
Asking, where is now the home of
the brave one?

Affected, Unlikely .. feel outcasted
Sad, unlucky and now buried

Derived strength from the entombed
echo of the whining beloved.

Written first time in ©2010 

Published at ShadiatiQue © 2012

Silent Dreamers

I thought my deep silence
Will make them avoid my company
My sweet smile wouldn't evoke 
Their violence.

But hear the irony.

I could walk, dream and observe my life
In silence .... Never would provoke any.

I have been hushed to,
But I understood it. 

They had their space
But I wanted my peace. 

I understood them
even when they were wordless

My job was to be still
When they pushed
Mute when they hushed

                                                                                                   I just realized that some school children learned not to fight when they get bullyed. It became understandable to be silent and to take hits like everyone elser. I work in a highschool, and we experience these boys and girls that do not take a step against bullying even if with my help.

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October 13, 2012

The Chaos of the Heart

World of hearts and bunch of sins
Every heart appears carrying
That feeling of sins.

Chaos in the heart
The heart can watch the sins grow
And the sins grow Fine next to heart door
Later the sins grows to buildings
Like lego... Over each other

The hearts are now used to see the sins
Or to commit them and just leave them to grow
As they were buildings or houses.

Furthermore ...
The heart can sometimes get angry
And pray that the almighty might send
To destroy the earth or only the sins
To tear down the buildings
The heart never wanted to remember
The existence of the sins!

This is just the chaos in the heart
Never know who to criticize
The sins or those who commit them.

Written first time in oct. 31st 2005 published oct. 13 2012

ShadiatiQue © 2012
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