October 13, 2012

The Chaos of the Heart

World of hearts and bunch of sins
Every heart appears carrying
That feeling of sins.

Chaos in the heart
The heart can watch the sins grow
And the sins grow Fine next to heart door
Later the sins grows to buildings
Like lego... Over each other

The hearts are now used to see the sins
Or to commit them and just leave them to grow
As they were buildings or houses.

Furthermore ...
The heart can sometimes get angry
And pray that the almighty might send
To destroy the earth or only the sins
To tear down the buildings
The heart never wanted to remember
The existence of the sins!

This is just the chaos in the heart
Never know who to criticize
The sins or those who commit them.

Written first time in oct. 31st 2005 published oct. 13 2012

ShadiatiQue © 2012
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  1. so true of the heart...i like how you have made it the main character in this...the buildings like lego as well adds an innocence to the piece...and ugh, i know the feeling...

    great to see you today...smiles.

  2. Thank you Brian you made me smile when you wrote " I know the feeling" ;)

  3. lovely highlight on hearts.

    Happy Rally.

  4. i can relate to your last line ol' friend.. great question. am only around on and off cos i dont write as often nowadays.. here's my rally.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2012/10/15/waters-of-spring/

  5. I see the chaos of the heart in ourselves all the time.

    well done imagery.

  6. vivid imagery on hearts and heart aches.

  7. magical capture of heart strings and its vibrations.

  8. vivid capture of restless emotions shown in hearts and minds.

  9. you have given your topic a vivid characterization,

    sharp and powerful poetry.