October 15, 2012

Silent Dreamers

I thought my deep silence
Will make them avoid my company
My sweet smile wouldn't evoke 
Their violence.

But hear the irony.

I could walk, dream and observe my life
In silence .... Never would provoke any.

I have been hushed to,
But I understood it. 

They had their space
But I wanted my peace. 

I understood them
even when they were wordless

My job was to be still
When they pushed
Mute when they hushed

                                                                                                   I just realized that some school children learned not to fight when they get bullyed. It became understandable to be silent and to take hits like everyone elser. I work in a highschool, and we experience these boys and girls that do not take a step against bullying even if with my help.

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  1. I feel a deep sorrow and compassion for these children who grow into lonely lost confused adults... I know some too.