January 10, 2015

Wandering Spirits - Falling 1

Closed & impossible doors opens 
The universe becomes small 
The world loses it's geography
 And forfeit all the borders
 How our loves purity 
Melts all restrictions

 Abnormalities on our days 
The prisons becomes castles 
Guns turns easily into lilies 
Dancing fishes when the seas 
Are liberated from it's salinity 
Following shells celebrating freedom 
And rivers flows declaring rebellion. 

The names of the places fades away 
 While a distance has no point 
Every word have a thousand meaning 
And the time commits suicide 
As the minutes die between the arms of a second 

How I/ we change 
 When love is new in our hearts 
We become wandering spirits 
 Floating on the seas 
 Yearning while racing the wind 

On a universe so vast
Full of secrets
As we rebel against facts
And laws created by men. 

for Poetics @ dVerse
 ShadiatiQue © 2010-2014
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  1. This is lovely, I especially love "As the minutes die between the arms of a second" ... what a brilliant line!

  2. if anything will change us in the end, it will be love...not our guns...and i hope one day we can get there...it will take people willing to look beyond themselves and genuinely care about others though...

  3. We can hope love frees us all.

  4. Just as Kelly I love the line of the minutes that die.. Really an impressive line, bravo

  5. Time in love is time in now.. and no time to come in now of time..:)

    Truly nice to visit and stay in time of now..:)

  6. Humans can never ever reveal all the secrets of great cosmos which had been built by the greatest architect- the god.

  7. " How our loves purity
    Melts all restrictions"

    such powerful lines you have in here...I am glad you could join my prompt.

  8. That's so nice of you all.
    And to Abhra thank you so much.