November 26, 2014

Some Noble Sacrifice


For moments 
I can re-live our shared times
Long walks through the woods
Shared giggles while playing cards
Embraced by you when it rains

I'm aware of 
Time that has past for such a noble dream
Would'nt fall & hummiliate myself twice
From this moment I take my own advice

Re-live with me or not, 
There is nothing to lose or sacrifice
Being one fisher or just a dreamer by the sea
All I can is to live on/of my borrowd time. 

Just my view of nonesense for amazing
Anthony's prompt at dVerse Poetics!
ShadiatiQue © 2010-2014 
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  1. while nice to revisit those moments...its also good to know when to live on with what life you have...borrowed or otherwise...

  2. it's good to re-live those memories and have new ground to walk on... good to live on, and have the bravery to do it with or without that person

  3. I think good memories are so much better than the bad ones that also haunt you from time to time.. Loneliness is such a dark place to be.

  4. This is a very resonating piece. It is good if you can take the best and leave the rest behind - takes strenght!

  5. The greatest thing about imagination to me.. is there is no truly past or truly future.. imagination is always now..:)and only imagination is the limit of life..even now...:)in real life now..:)

  6. I feel honored to have a visit from you all.
    Thank you for sharing thaughts about limits om life aka imagination.