How many Faithful,
had been betrayed
by his always faithful mate

How many freinds recieved
from freinds affection.
many bitter and unhappy days.

World of feelings
have grim face today
and the old oasis of emotions
have withered features

How we suffer in loss
and sacrifice the precious ones
to save the old freindliness
No many freinds do sacrifice.

What is kinder than them
Accompanied them for ages
talked to them for a period
I could not find a more Delicious

But -,
The other ones, stick around
with mirage in their sensation.
Always rebellious in their feelings
And harsh with their behavior.
They never sacrifice for you.
They just stick around
to see your fall in the next round.

© 2010

19 kommentarer:

Desert Rose said...

That was a real image for the ugly world we are unfortunately living, still i hold hope sometimes you meet ppl who are candles to light your way..if you do, its a blessing that you should hold on to..:) enjoyed your poem..thank you for sharing..:)

Brian Miller said...

yeah and those....they are not least not for long if i can snuff them out...nice capture...the other friends...cling tight, they are rare...

dustus said...

"the old oasis of emotions
have withered features"
Think for the most part you may be right about that. Brian & DR make good points above about friends/ppl.

Glynn said...

It's a dark poem, reflecting a dark world. There are some lights there, though.

AW said...

True friendship is a rare treasure!

Shashi said...

A reality bite on friendship and relationship. I relate to this very much... I have been there and suffered that... Thanks for a beautiful read...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Pete Marshall said...

desert rose is spot on...thanks for sharing...

Eric Alder said...

With friends like those, who needs enemies?

Nice One Shot, S!

PattiKen said...

There are too many "friends" like this. My daughter was badly hurt when people she thought good friends turned on her because she wasn't being who they wanted her to be. She now has a motto:

"Always be yourself. People who matter don't care. And people who care don't matter."

S. Sharp said...

Thank you for your understanding coemments. I think I could finely write about the issue we all have or see in our lives to our of being betrayed by friends. Very painful loss is't the betrayal of loved ones.

Thank you again PattiKen, Eric, Pete Marshal, Shahi, AW, Glynn Brian Miller, dustus, DR. <3


Cassiopeia Rises said...

Interesting poem. Love the darkness of it. Well done.


S. Sharp said...

Thank you Melanie ^^,

Reflections said...

Love your use of darkness... lit by the resonance of true friendship. Well done.

Steve said...

Nice harsh tone change at the end. Inspired by Zoe Heller's novel Notes on a Scandal (which you obviously know as a film)?

MuslimFirst said...

Wow! So true! Once again, very beautiful.

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