November 23, 2010

Patience my heart

Do you wonder after all
 this absence and Longing
That I may have forgot you
Or may not even see you
in my dreams!

Do you think
That this sadness
is from me. Oh, no!

Wondering if,
Have I abandoned you
Or if I have forced you in love.

Do you think,
I may betray my only
covenant, Oh, no!
Patience my heart,
I've been hit by the choice
of life, I think that life,
may have giving my share
to someone else!
© 2010

Jingle Poetry
These words are a very simple gift to JINGLE.

© 2010


  1. love your wonders, Dear Ms. Sharp.
    cute entry,
    Thanks for the love for Jingle and her poetry blogs.
    you rock!


    Enjoy a fabulous Wednesday...
    your support means a world to me.

  3. Patience is so hard - especially in the matters of the heart. You captured that feeling so well.