October 15, 2012

The Dead One

The dead one
That still dreams about existence
Complains about the dark grave

Weakness in bones
Vacancy in the heart
Recall the passing courage 
Where the passion date

I have been told 
The dead one was brave
Only braves die 
and suffer in graves,
And from the scary tales of death above

Ashamed, if I visit your grave
Afraid, if you ask me that question. 

I know you, you cannot rest 
Untill the people change
You will in every visit
Ask me the question

Any changes in our situation?

Ah, still there is humiliation
Many caught up in your death.

Obituary published with love
Asking, where is now the home of
the brave one?

Affected, Unlikely .. feel outcasted
Sad, unlucky and now buried

Derived strength from the entombed
echo of the whining beloved.

Written first time in ©2010 

Published at ShadiatiQue © 2012

Silent Dreamers

I thought my deep silence
Will make them avoid my company
My sweet smile wouldn't evoke 
Their violence.

But hear the irony.

I could walk, dream and observe my life
In silence .... Never would provoke any.

I have been hushed to,
But I understood it. 

They had their space
But I wanted my peace. 

I understood them
even when they were wordless

My job was to be still
When they pushed
Mute when they hushed

                                                                                                   I just realized that some school children learned not to fight when they get bullyed. It became understandable to be silent and to take hits like everyone elser. I work in a highschool, and we experience these boys and girls that do not take a step against bullying even if with my help.

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2012

October 13, 2012

The Chaos of the Heart

World of hearts and bunch of sins
Every heart appears carrying
That feeling of sins.

Chaos in the heart
The heart can watch the sins grow
And the sins grow Fine next to heart door
Later the sins grows to buildings
Like lego... Over each other

The hearts are now used to see the sins
Or to commit them and just leave them to grow
As they were buildings or houses.

Furthermore ...
The heart can sometimes get angry
And pray that the almighty might send
To destroy the earth or only the sins
To tear down the buildings
The heart never wanted to remember
The existence of the sins!

This is just the chaos in the heart
Never know who to criticize
The sins or those who commit them.

Written first time in oct. 31st 2005 published oct. 13 2012

ShadiatiQue © 2012
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August 25, 2012

The Old Iris

From Home ... 
The dust of those who have gone before us
The empty houses of our beloved ones
The only cloud on the blue sky
I call from home.

Trees of our home, and the old builders 
that only build the land for 20 years
Expected the youth would be with them!

Wisdom of our grandfather
Planting on our earth

I'm the rock that shamelessly 
forgot where his roots are. 

Back Home
Where my neighbours still visits me
Pure like Lily, or more like the white cloud 
The days will come and the sun is right behind me.

Home, I call
I'm right behind that door
And the old Iris is with me.

ShadiatiQue © 2012
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August 09, 2012

Lethal Combination

Lethal combination

I spotted them both of them
Walking down the hills
Walking towards me
No, just walking, just to pass me
I wanted to walk away
Take another way
He saw me, our eyes met again

As I always do, I blamed my eyes
Do my eyes only catch or spot him ONLY

Then I blamed him for walking 

on this sidewalk with someone else

It used to be our walk
Combined by our hearts, dreams and Love

A footpath that I will seek
Every afternoon, just to remember or to forget.
Everything is the same in my life.

Walking towards me
No, just walking, just to pass me
They passed and he was smiling.

This smile.. This walk with another
This "me" walking
What a lethal combination.

ShadiatiQue © 2012 
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May 21, 2012


Exited eyes
Shaking lips
Unsteady fingers
Strong heart beats


Finely apeared from afar
Waved his hand - Hey you!
Uncontroled tears droped
down on my cheek.

"I could kiss your tears away"
He said. "But these tears
I wish to see everytime -"

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2011+2012
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April 26, 2012

The Burdens of Surviving

I closed my eyes for a few moments
Then I saw us together. How brilliant?!
The old memory, with little melody
The fine harmony feels so permanent. 

The good memories
Defeated by, the moment I open my eyes
I wish I could run from your memories
But the last thing I need is
to go back to your reality
To your tyranny.

In the end
We all get cured of our Sentiment.
Some of us seek medicine of happiness
Some of us search for a long time!

Then there is some like me
Close their eyes for a few moments
to re-build the old oasis 
Re-experience the old Harmony
Hope to close my eyes 
For a longer time.

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2011+2012 
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Shared with: d'Verse Poets' Pub OpenLinkNight

March 19, 2012

Near you now

When you fear tomorrow
When you see sadness & sorrow 
In every corner. 

Then you look around you 
And I'm not near you 
Would you just look after me 
Deep in your heart?

I know, I know,
I know you would Search after me
in your heart I just know. 

When you remeber me 
When you look in the mirror
Every line on your face 
Would be a story of our happiness/past. 

The you look around
And I'm not near you
Would you just look after me 
Deep in your heart?

I know, I know,
I know you would Search after me
in your heart I just know.

Long before you realize
That am not near I would be gone

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March 07, 2012


I can do that
I can digg deep down in my heart
Search deep for an empty place
A place, not yet touched by a human being

I know there is an 
Empty and pure place in my heart.

I can build again my old castle
Plant the place with new hope
I can welcome anyone in my place.

I can do that
Despite The cruelty of my Heart
And it's hardness
I can build me back up inside.

My stiffen heart,
I have not yet experienced anything
That would turn you to a steel
Maybe solid and stabile heart.

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2011+2012
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February 15, 2012

Remind me - Becoming Relentless

If you find my heart cold
like the winter.
Heedless of your love signals 
Remind me of your existence in life

Poke or punch me 
Through yourself on me
Maybe I'm asleep
Or I would lose my feelings

Remind me 
Because I can be relentless
Or love will no more interest me
Remind me of you

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2011+2012
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January 26, 2012

I Will Visit You - Thursday Poets Rally

I Will Visit You 
Keep your door open 
in case I stop by your home

I can't reveal the mystery of tomorrow,
but just until my Watch stops moaning 
Until the Sun gives birth of a Light
Until the Spring rides on the season knight

Keep your door open 
in case I stop by your home
I would be afraid to knock on your door
Or maybe my courage will let me down 
& I wouldn't be able to knock 
I will be overwhelmed, 
even when I imagine
you open for me. 

What I deal in my life 
is just to mange to look at your window 
see you listening to my music 
dancing with closed eyes
as if I was between your arms. 

Surely ...
I would run to you
Just keep your door open


ShadiatiQue © 2010-2011+2012
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January 03, 2012

The Secret Garden

This breezy wind, 
Guides me back to you
How can I guide me away 
from the brunt of his words

With the eloquent of the poet 
That still knocks on between my rips 

Come with me, He says in gasp 
To the secret Garden 
To show you the youngest
Heart that is mentioned 
with love till this moment. 

You and I
mentioned this young heart 
when our lips met in good. 
Lips, contaminated 
with the longing 
of a platonic Love. 

Our poor little Heart
is almost melting 
from the grief 
of not yet experienced 

Waft of words 
on burning coals, 
as the husky voice
"Come with me
to the secret Garden" 
guide me back.

Shared with  OpenLinkNight at dVerse Poets Pub
ShadiatiQue © 2010-2011+2012

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