Exited eyes
Shaking lips
Unsteady fingers
Strong heart beats


Finely apeared from afar
Waved his hand - Hey you!
Uncontroled tears droped
down on my cheek.

"I could kiss your tears away"
He said. "But these tears
I wish to see everytime -"

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4 kommentarer:

Jannie Funster said...

This makes me wonder if he makes her cry and likes it, or if it just melts his heart. A little mystery to me, and I like it.

Going to search your blog now for an image that says Shadiatique!!


Shadiatique said...

Jannie Funster
Thank you so much.

Brian Miller said...

intriguing..my response is similar to jannie...i wonder at what he gets out of tears...i know the beauty of them in a moment but would never want to cause them...interesting...

Shadiatique said...

Thank you Brian..

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