April 26, 2012

The Burdens of Surviving

I closed my eyes for a few moments
Then I saw us together. How brilliant?!
The old memory, with little melody
The fine harmony feels so permanent. 

The good memories
Defeated by, the moment I open my eyes
I wish I could run from your memories
But the last thing I need is
to go back to your reality
To your tyranny.

In the end
We all get cured of our Sentiment.
Some of us seek medicine of happiness
Some of us search for a long time!

Then there is some like me
Close their eyes for a few moments
to re-build the old oasis 
Re-experience the old Harmony
Hope to close my eyes 
For a longer time.

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2011+2012 
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  1. This is the story of my mother's life. Don't close your eyes too long. She grieved for a man who abandoned us early on and never found love and comfort again. Your poem brings out every nuance of that grief. Well written, hard lived.

  2. The story of some of my life. I thought love had abandoned me, until someone pointed out, not that love had left, but that in my hurt I was refusing to let anyone else love me. It took me a while, but I learned first that I needed to learn to love myself. Now I'm ready I'm ready to fly and perhaps love will alight on me once again.

    Very well written; makes one think on things we thought we'd forgotten and with it the realization that we're finally free to love again. Be blessed.


  3. This one really shook me when you got to the line... "In the end
    We all get cured of our Sentiment." Sounds so very Leonard Cohen. Very deep. And sadly cynnical.

    But... you lifted me up back to the harmony and oasis. And I was happy for you. Or her. The authoress.

    now... may your (or she)find harmony and peace with eyes open too, if even just squinting peek the first times.