March 07, 2012


I can do that
I can digg deep down in my heart
Search deep for an empty place
A place, not yet touched by a human being

I know there is an 
Empty and pure place in my heart.

I can build again my old castle
Plant the place with new hope
I can welcome anyone in my place.

I can do that
Despite The cruelty of my Heart
And it's hardness
I can build me back up inside.

My stiffen heart,
I have not yet experienced anything
That would turn you to a steel
Maybe solid and stabile heart.

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2011+2012
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  1. Awesome poem. This one touches me deep inside ... maybe you have touched that Empty place deep down in my heart.
    Love this line: [...] I know there is an Empty and pure place in my heart [...]

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem with us.


  2. Gday mate, at least you and i are rebuilding, eh!

  3. Full of hope and positivity. Nicely done.