April 11, 2015

Wandering - Falling 2 -

Once they asked me
If I still believe, that the Creator 
may have created many more others than her. 
All I know that he created me only for her.

What I know is that
I'm a veteran that returned
My spear rebelled against me
Mourning the poets of battles
Nothing but her can be seen
Locked inside or blocked by her beauty.

All I know is I'm only for her.
Humble words surrended for her
While I gave up my sheild
To fall, to rebel
To know that No formation
Can hold me in.

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  1. What a wonderful love, sounds almost symbiotic.. and with a bond like that anything is possible.

  2. Thank you Björn... Tack

    I think love is beautiful when it begins with falling for one
    and all the promises you give .. Hoping and falling deep.

  3. gorgeous imagery... a beautiful love

  4. This is such a heart warming tale of love - well penned.

  5. I specially like the ending lines ~

  6. There is so much here. Such depth in simplicity. But just the typo on shield...

  7. A beautiful story of the magic that is love.
    Anna :o]