My mesmeric melody

How mesmeric is my melody
When I, as usually
Hide in the corner
Full of purity and modesty
After I lit the lanterns around me
where I play in my flute
Quietly and in harmony
All of sudden
You return in my memories
and all the old melancholy
catching you up in torpidity
Until I be betrayed
by all my expectations
with your old arrogance
you walk towards me
Would he say -
Now he walks on thorns,
and wants repent 
between my hands, wants he?
All of sudden
I continued to play

Abundance of tears
Rejects your return
My mesmeric melody
Enhances from my position

© 2010


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Brian Miller said...

nice...i felt the moment, but also the music...keep playing and let the emotions fly in the breeze...tight one shot!

dustus said...

feeling "betrayed by all my expectations" For me that sums up bad heartbreak in 5 words. How true. And music brings out human emotion. Very Nice One Shot!

S. Sharp said...

Brian and Dustus ... Thanks for the comments
I've tried to write some poems are not so sad. I wanted that my first "One shot" to be more marked by joy, but I tried ;)...

Thank you so much

Eric Alder said...

Sometimes the best one can hope for is to be remembered, even if just briefly. Nice One Shot!

Claudia said...

ah yes - keep playing the melody..i can hear it...

Donusho said...

this was beautifully raw, i like the sound of your melody.

liv2write2day said...

I can hear the flute playing in the background...haunting.

moondustwriter said...

I love the melody that plays behind the poem some of the melody is known and some ...
Very nicely penned

Glad you shared this with One Shot and Welcome
We would love to invite you to submit to a poetry competition that ends oct 22. Theme: Through a Child's Eyes.

Thanks from the Moon (MDW)

dahstar said...

melody and poems are best part of our life make it better...

senderupwords said...

This is awesome. Somalia is a nation of poets and you are no exception my friend. I would critic this but I feel there is nothing to say but Welcome to One Shot... Nice write. Love and Light, Sender

SuziCate said...

Emotion and music...a lovely melody. Some great images in here!

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