October 19, 2011

Harbor Life

The Combination stood, looked how I cry
on the coast of glory alone
and builders of the old buildings
left me, when the Challenge
suffer alone

She stood
We should be ashamed, harbor life,
and enough that shame, we escaped

She was mourning the days
of happiness and glory. 
We are still suffering
from the horror of the nodal

She stood
talking about itself, with a song
the lyrics braked in to our souls,
but we did not run to her
Waited years to come back to her
give her the oldest friendly

Whenever, the Queen returns,
I will work on Qualifying myself
for the completion of the promise
And a present for never land,
No, degradation!

There will never be a fugitive
between us from Covenant,
a not lax in us,
or not lying on challenge time

Almighty of God, bless her
Sublime we haven't seen patience
as her patience,

Do not Grieve... You are free
Will those human-beings
appreciate you ever

You are the safe
it's not in Justice that they inherit you
Thus ... without begging

Wrote these lines for my home country Somalia © 2007

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2011


  1. Lyrics braked into our souls -- true dat!! So many songs part of us forever. Lyrics come back to me from songs I may not have heard in 20 to 30 years.

    I am not sure I understood all of this, but it matters not one wit. The feel was amazing from your words!

  2. poetry isn't understood by all, which is a good thing.. I felt I had a grasp of this piece.. I read it twice; found it to be tight, a good story without being too "wordy." I say this is well done...