October 09, 2011

Shining Star

My friend
What if you get tired from the world
And be satisfied with me. 
What if you get interested in me
walked towards me 

My friend
What if it you become satisfied in this world
What if I convict you, that with me you might forget 

My dear, I am ...
unique by nature and no one is like me 
I am like those who have their hearts in their hands
They give away their hearts to whom they like and Love

I am .. as you see me
I walk on the green carpet that is bend like Heaven 
Dancing to the music, that's only to be played in Heaven,
I'm mostly like a picture that been drawn by Angels.

And I am like that star ,
that had captured many astronomers hearts 
But also a star that shines only to one
whose passion and sorrow she dies for  

 I do pray for you 
& ask God to relieve from your heart
He would accept from me.
I do not suspect my heart.

© 2010-2011


  1. This is full of sadness, but with a touch of self worth that shows whoever is that "friend" best not miss the chance you offer.

  2. Hi Victoria. This is a fictional one. I totally agree with you and this is about a woman that risks everything and offers something more than friendship. It is a chance that rarely comes.

    Thank you for your visit + comment.


  3. very heartfelt poem... each stanza was very nice. good work.