October 02, 2011

A Person

A normal person
Used to have the ability
To invest in love
To discuss relationships
To forget pain 
And to conspire life

This ordinary person
Used to hear a call
That tells about survival

Used to have the euphoria of survival
Could hear complaints from people
And would call for them to stay wherever

Remains of a person
Left with his dreams
He lost his voice.
with his ignorance
and quiescence.

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  1. humbling final stanza...so much can be lost so quick in our ignorance...just ask hank williams jr....

  2. Thus what a trip through life can do if one isn't careful or too careful, great verse.

  3. very true ....thought provoking write ...thank you x

  4. I liked the contrasts and the way you take us from admiration to sadness in such a short piece. The second stanza is my favorite.

  5. Powerful ending - doing nothing is giving credence, allowing it (what ever "it" is) to carry on. Good poem!

  6. Brian, Pat Hatt, Kez, Hedgewitch, Beachanny

    This is a poem about how we can change with time. We can be full of joy, love and life till we suddenly lose everything good in us. and Silent.

    Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoyed these lines.

  7. a sharp turn indeed - reminds me of what happens to some of the elderly people I used to work with in nursing homes.

  8. Sheila. I think it gets sad when a very young person feels the same as an old man in nursing home. I do hope that everyone lives his youth and never loses love or his self respect.

    Thanks for commenting

  9. such a sharp turn around you did this is excellent yes you are so right life has a lot of twists and turns we can be so happy one day and then the loss can change all the next and at time we can never get back that wonderful happy feeling again

  10. love it,
    every line is valid here.

  11. Thank you - Ann LeFlore and Morning Glad you enjoyed my lines. ;)