May 11, 2011

Five minutes

After playing this piece of music
accompanied by my mournful voice.
I decided to travel the world as tourist.

Wherever my destiny takes me
I'll just close my eyes
 and fly over the world!

I'll take some of me
to experience with me,
Some of my quick five minutes
of a dream!

When one is not able
to make anything.
One can dream, and depend
on his share in the world of dreams.
Only from the first glimpse 
I caught a glimpse of your joy
Joy and happiness dancing
with my music

My passionate heart
experienced with you the love
that led to escape 
to close my eyes
to take five minutes
from life
to dream away.

After this piece
wherever my destiny takes me!


© 2010


  1. sounds like you at least have one to share the experience with, which to me makes all the difference in the world...

  2. I really like the build up and resolution reached at the end, but my favorite stanza...
    "When one is not able
    to make anything.
    One can dream, and depend
    on his share in the world of dreams."
    I find that to be true, and you express the notion very well.

  3. When I experince sadnes in my life, I find it hard to dream. These lines are only to remember me to take 5 minutes of my share.

    @Brian Miller - Thank you so much for comments
    @ Dustus Good to see you in ShadiatiQue ;)

  4. Well said! Our share of dreams is ou there if we will let them be a part of us.

  5. I am thankful that we can dream. It's the same thing as hope for me. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. I enjoyed this - Being open to flowing with destiny makes a difference in our experiences

  7. Beautiful, inspiring piece.I hope that you'll make your dreams come true, traveling around the world sounds awesome to me!

  8. Nice work :) You've written this poem as a guy's viewpoint, I assume?

  9. A nice reminder to dream. A lovely write :)