December 31, 2011

The Green Balcony - Thursday Poets Rally Week 59

 The Green Balcony - 

A Heart beating with Love
Laughing and raising his Glass
Heedless of questions of feelings 
Asking only about his journey.

Happy heart took me tirelessly
to build me a green balcony 
Greenness that beats with a song 

A song that touches my sadness
Building in my broken conscience
Fixing in my disturbed intentions
Hiding from me, my bad memories
Then forces my sorrow to flee 
Escape away from me
Only tenderness and solved problems
Stay untouched ... -
To let me again raise my glass
With proud and happiness

Happy New Year everybody.
I hope that the new year brings a smile to you and your loved one's faces. 

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  1. raise it high :) stay happy, enjoy the rally!!!

  2. Thank you Lynnaima ;) Happy New Year ;)

  3. My glass is raised to you! A wonderful New Years poem! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  4. a toast to you.

    profound words.

  5. it's good if tenderness stays untouched, unless it's the kind of tenderness the doctors talk about, like they squeeze your liver and say "is that tender there?"

  6. the choice of green hints at growth, fertility :) nice metaphor
    happy gooseberry day!

  7. So lovely is the color green . . . a color of renewal that springs forth hope. Lovely poem!

  8. smiles:) Happy New Year and may it be full of blessings and New memories of joy!


  9. Hey everybody

    Thanks for commenting.

    Happy new year ;)

  10. Wonderfull crafted poem, green is a wonderful warm color.