The burdens of meeting - Acceptance <> Forgiveness

That was not the promise 
Mournful prayers are to be send 
above the flames of longing 

If not for some of my tears 
That still draw for me 
"The beautiful YOU"
I would not pray for you 

If not for some nostalgia of kisses
That i still seek in your darkness 
I would not show up like this

The promise in the meetings
should not be like this 

Meeting you on secrets
Speaking to you in whispers 
Hiding our desires from others  
Only seeking our selves 
in the past. 

If not for the few of mercy 
that remains in my broken heart 
I wouldn't follow the wailing path. 

 © 2010-2011

Submitted to dVerse Poets: Meeting the Bar (Contrast) with Victoria C. Slotto registered & protected

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Anees Ahmed said...

Beautiful dear sister! Another deeply felt piece! Lived this one very much. :-)

Anees Ahmed said...

Beautiful dear sister! Another deeply felt piece! Lived this one very much. :-)

Shadiatique said...

Anees my brother. Thank you so much. :)

Quotes,Photos and a little Poetry said...

Perfect title for a while written and so real of a poem.

Victoria said...

I think you've expressed the essence of forgiveness and acceptance. Takes courage and practice.

zongrik said...

it's hard to be a forgiving person

~L said...

such beauty in your poem. Forgiveness is such a process...

Brian Miller said...

nice...forgiveness and acceptance are so capture well their L says it is a process or a journey...

Kathy Bischoping said...

This seems to me to capture the emotional complexities of the "let's be just friends" phase of an affair or a relationship with someone with an addiction. As if the narrator really should just cut loose but, full of longings for "the beautiful you", the narrator proclaims that continuing to meet is about mercy/forgiveness/acceptance.

Shadiatique said...

Thanks to all of you. Happy New Year ;)

@ Kathy Bischoping --- It's like you live with me!.
Thank you for being so understanding and analyzing. I really appreciate your comment.

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