January 20, 2011

Festival of Sleep - 2 -

- 2 -
I have nothing left,
but to sleep!
This is not my love
to sleep, and me being lazy.

But to recall your spirit
to rediscover your gentle soul
to see you, only you!
in my dreams

I wish right now, to be visited
by the king of Sleep,
order me to sleep,
See you in the dream

I will dream of you,
lying on the bed of happiness
Lying on the light and serenity.

I did not find that
is the way to in order
to satisfy my instinct
In order to create a better self-
of the spirit of childhood inside me.

Only to see you,
For renewing your photo
And restoration of the huge,
statue of you in my mind.

I would not hide
I try to look at you for
reshaping your look and features
as an intensive look of you
to let me live until tomorrow.

I devised many ways
to revive your picture's
remains in my memory.

That's why,
I rush in to sleep

© 2010
These are the second lines of "Festival of Sleep". 
Read the first part of Festival of Sleep -1-  
I hope you enjoy them.

Submitted for Jingle’s Poetry Potluck


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  4. lovely! absolutely lovely. sleep away and be...

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