January 25, 2011

The new tomb

A new tomb is on
the verge of completion
of drilling, who's dead?
Some remains of
the remains of victims
from the last battle,
lying there before
being burried.
But the new tomb
is finished who will
they burry today.
Many many victims
died together,
Their bones and blood
are all mixed together.

They were not jurists
or experienced politicans
or preachers,
or ascetics,
or great worshipers
They were citizens
random citizens
their pure blood
are now mixed.
But they only dug
one grave, one tomb
Who's the one,
that will rest in it?
When they were alive
The earth was tight under them
and on their living needs.
They used to share
the worry and stress
their minutes of joy
and years of sadness
Is it possible also
to share one grave now!



  1. hmm...it is the citizens that go to fight the battles of those that stay behind locked doors...perhaps if they shared one voice things might not end in a shared grave..

  2. What Brian said..

  3. Solid, appropriate jagged line-flow work.

    Spotted a possible typo:
    "of drilling, wh's dead?" "wh's" = who's?

  4. Thanks for all the comments.

    I wrote these words for Africa and I believe that Africa might change and we might see a new world in there.

    Thanks you all again.