January 19, 2011

Festival of Sleep - 1 -

- 1 -

Here I am,
Getting ready to sleep
And the night did not redressed yet
Calmness shakes me now
Darkness in the place
And all the creations are slept

Well, I finished,
Getting my bed, ready for me
which has long complained about me
The time is not twelve yet
There is still plenty of time.

Then,why would
I hurry in to sleep?!
I do not know!
All I know is that,
I run away to sleep
To feel the calm
To hibernate,
To silence.
Whenever I miss you.

perhaps hurry on,
to see you in my dreams.
In clothes full of snobbery,
love and happiness,
You walk with pride
Of charm
and attraction.

I have nothing left,
but to sleep!

These are the first lines of "Festival of Sleep".
There will be more. Just click on the lable called
"Festival of Sleep". I hope you enjoy them.


  1. Very nice read. Thank you. I think I'll go and take a nap now :-)

  2. Interesting work-- communication with the bed. . . I am not sure whether there is a person being missed, too, or whether the relationship with the bed and sleep is itself the alluring thing. I like the tension between reasons to resist sleep and reasons to surrender to it.

  3. rkgaron -- Thank you

    Elaine Danforth. It's surrender to dream of another meeting with the one you love. Sleeping is the method and the bed is just a tool to reach calmness and silence while watching the arrival of Love.;) Thank you so much or commenting here