January 12, 2011

We Launched groans

behind the limits of reality
I lived with a nice Lover
In an abandoned palace,
near the graves.

In every corner of it,
We buried our memories
And with every window
We launched groans.

In the palace, after years
And the wound still bleeding
The smiles committed suicide
on the doorsteps.
The corridors now
dressed all black!

He left,
Silently with rain or wind
Left after bowing under
The rule of Fate!
Leaving behind
The flowering groves
Yearning to kill me
from suffering only

© 2010


  1. I seriously love this. I really like how the first line is simply, "There," it's strangely powerful.

    my potluck contribution:


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  3. Oh, my. This is such a good expose of how the sense of a place can influence our lives. Sad, a bit dark. Nice poetry. You draw the reader in.

  4. Marit, thanks for the comment. I hope I can always write something simple, understandable and powerfull too.

  5. "behind the limits of reality" this line puts the poem into perspective for me. The questioning nature of your poem without actually questioning is brilliant. And the "only" at the end does presume life isn't just suffering; that hope still resides among darkness. Cheers

  6. simple understandable powerful..yeah you got that going on...smiles. nice write..