Burned again

Hehe hehe
Poor me
I thought I learned a lot
Life is so hard to live in 

I Learned nothing 
Burned a lot 
Sadly what life brings
Without please is burning heats. 

How is't to be nice 
And hurt or burn 
In the name of Love
You might admit as-well 
That life is hard to be in. 

Every kiss is hidden in the night 
Every promis is forgotten in the morning
Only questions stays to be asked

Only I know the answers 
But let me ask you, what have I learned? 
I learned a lot, but nothing yet. 

© 2010-2011

8 kommentarer:

Shadiatique said...

Shared with Thursday Poets Rally Week 56. Nov 16.

Morning said...

love it,
you speak what I wish to say at times.

Happy Rally.

Ina said...

learned a lot but nothing yet... yep

thingy said...

Ooh, interesting. We do seem to make the same mistakes when it comes to love. : )

Richy said...

But nothing yet. I'm sure you will soon.

Jacqui Binford-Bell said...

And what we learn seems so fleeting.

You have obviously learned to write.

Monika said...

Makes me ponder on some hard facts around us. What is there holding us, what are we holding upon. Wonderful!

Anthony Desmond said...

I think this poem could be a lot deeper... keep working to find that balance.

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