A kiss from hell

As the rumor tells us,
There were a village,
known for their high palm trees.

Only well motivated young people
would bother themselfs to climb the trees,
and enjoy the delicious dates.

With the impulsive youths hearts
We can take sheets to cover the trees

To watch the village from above
to watch the old farmer in the fields
While he kisses the wife, a kiss from hell.

© 2010

5 kommentarer:

Jingle said...

Glad to see you in,
the imagery is stunning on this one.


lunawitch15 said...

wow! the ending blew me away! so unexpected! nice!

S. Sharp said...

Hello @Jingle
Thanks and good to see you here ;)

I'm so happy for your comment, and that you liked my lines. ;)

bendedspoon said...

I can imagine it -- interesting! :)

abthomas said...

Fantastic imagery this piece provokes, and the ending, loved it!

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