April 29, 2011

My eyes

With your proud voice
you always tell me,
that you can read in my eyes

You can see my love to you
trough my eyes
And my longing too.
The yearning nights to meet you
are to be found in my eyes!

While the tears of loneliness
Filling my eyes with fear
of losing you!

Can you see,
My dispersed thoughts
Whenever you break up
the limits of my jealousy.
Break the habit,
and show me How
to control the jealousy
that you've costed me.

© 2010


  1. Ma'sha'allah, beautiful, love it!

    Hope you've been well my dear!

    -Br. Anees (aka MuslimFirst)

  2. Br. Anees;)
    Thank you so much. Glad that you liked my lines.
    How have you been? and where have you been?
    And what happend to your blog?

  3. You capture of feeling of lost (or uncertain) love in this one. A sense of longing. Well written.

  4. Hello Victoria.
    I was very confused writing these lines. Thank God you think it's well written ;)

  5. lovely poem, Sharp, but I must tell you that you need to work a bit on your English. There are a number of mistakes in the poem. But I know it's difficult for us who are not native speakers of English to write without mistakes ;)

  6. you see I made a mistake too :) by saying THERE ARE A NUMBER instead of THERE'S A NUMBER :)

  7. Dezmond
    Thanks and we can always try to be better. ;)

  8. Salaam Sis - I've been well. Yeah, I don't know if you were able to catch my last post - while I was going to close the blog, the fact that some family elders found out and wanted me to close it, though they were sure that it was nice, promoting good things related to Islam, etc, plus the fact it is my final year and I have lots ahead of me, I closed it. I have saved my favorite pieces, to share with family at a later time, so not a complete waste, lol!

    I was proud of it, but with medical nearing an end (I have 3 more exams, though I will be finishing a bit 'late' in Sept, though before summer would have been best, but some things didn't work out, but our academic year goes until Sept. 30), I knew I wouldn't have time to continue with it.

    Yet, once I settle down and career starts, I may start up something else, as the community back home has a special project that I could use an engine to write and communicate about local issues, etc (Here is the link - I think you'll figure out why it's is special to me and something I need to get more involved in once I am back home in the States: http://metpdx.org/Scholarship.html - click 'Read more" )

    OH, I'm on Twitter, for the second time, so I'll follow you for sure, and I'm sure you'll return the favor, so we'll have that for the time being!)