September 13, 2011

Almost forgiving

Always comes to me
Begging .. kneeling infront of me

Raising his hands to me
Flowers had covered his eyes
Eyes were filled with tears

Kneeling in front of me
Raising flowers to me
And almost were choking in the words

Fine and kind words
Supplicant and compassionate words
Words were choking ... and throttling his voice
While asking for forgiveness!

I would forgive you my beloved
 if you just give me my heart back
& leave me in this tragedy

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  1. oy nice closing lines...if you would give me my heart final...nicely penned though....

  2. Almost but not quite.. that is tough. Though if one forgives, it might not be a tragedy ~

  3. he better be good to you or I'll come over and kick his ass!

  4. I love your closing asking for your heart back so you can forgive him

  5. I agree with Jannie! I don't think he want's to give your heart back, though. I certainly wouldn't.. Lovely poem.... Miss Social Couch! LOL! I saw that on your About page and I might have to steal that from you......!

  6. @Brian -
    Thanks for the comment. I guess nice words comes from a bleeding heart. I think ;)

    @Heaven -
    No if one forgives will never ask for something in return. I'm actually asking for something in the poem because I don't want to forgive. If I could I will ask for compensation though. Thanks for visiting the blog.

    First time I wouldn't have to delete a comment that have the word "ass" in it. Thank you so much. It's over now, but will surly tell you if he does something bad. Thanks again for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed your time her and remembered to drink your danish tea ;)

    @ Ann LeFlora
    Thank you so much. ;)

    So you've been looking around in my humble blog. I hope you read and enjoyed the sadness in my words. - About this particular poem I think I finely received my heart back ;)
    Thank you for the comment.