August 28, 2011

Behind the Walls

I wish I meet the moon again
to tell him what the sun did to me. 
My heart is alone, and my hands shakes.

Walls behind the walls, and my eyes 
disappears while hiding behind the windows

Who allowed the Sun to control us?
Will we ever achieve our safe nights?

I wish the moon knocks on my door again
to let it be a new moment of hope.
How will the nights return?

My fear, Stands between me and my
freedom and the moonlight. 

© 2010-2011


  1. Very true, the moon can't be fully enjoyed sometimes for fear of the night, wonderful write!

  2. Fear can be our biggest enemy...leading to psychological paralysis.

  3. I know fear is a chain I have to re-break daily. Nice visually expressive poem.

  4. this is a really nice piece...when will the nights be free and safe again is very evocative...fear itself can rule our hearts...

  5. very wonderful way to express the evening night and the moon

  6. Well, isn't this a very original poem! I really liked it.

    I am a big lover of the night. Sun too hot. moon cool against my cheek.

    Walls behind walls, very interesting.

  7. oh, yes, fear keeps me from freedom as well - a self-imposed prison indeed. I really like the line: Walls behind the walls. it conveys the depth of this fear.

  8. This was lovely!

    PS Finished medical school two days ago!

  9. I wanted so badly to capture a feeling of fear and a feeling of boredom. How you fear and you're bored of hiding, but you cannot do anything about it. so this is the poem.

    Thank you all for being here in Shadiatique for supporting me with your nice and kind words. Thank you again and again.

    PS.: Anees- Congratulations brother ;)