July 19, 2011

The Crack

Between every waft and gust
You could hear a crack
of voices of men & women, 
as they carry their children 
despite the split and bang. 

Every waft carries to you 
the husky voices while humming
songs from time of liberty
despite every rift and jag.

You would crack for a moment 
but you would go on with your life
and they will still twist a tear 
for each gust and crack. 

© July 2011
For the drought victims in East Africa

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  1. Oh, this is so powerful, so sad. Sometimes when I'm grousing about some small inconvenience I need to be reminded of so much pain in our poor world. Many prayers needed for many reasons right now in Africa. Beautiful, evocative write.

  2. nice...your verse hits home in my heart...evocative for sure...great to see you at dverse....

  3. I'm in agreement with Victoria. I have a member of my family who constantly complains because she doesn't have the latest this or that. It gets under my skin & I'm continually reminding her that there are people in this world who have so much less than her and never complain.

    A powerful and hard-hitting piece of writing.

  4. Sad yet compelling... thanks for sharing it.

    Nice to meet you at D'verse~

  5. @Victoria, @Brian, @Andy, and @ Heaven. Thanks for your comments.
    I believe Africa needs our prayer these days more than any other time. I'm glad that you enjoyed my lines despite the sadness between them.

    Good to meet you at D'verse :)

  6. Powerful and sad. Africa needs our prayers and our help. Thank you for writing this.

  7. Very deep and very sad imagery because its all so true. Yes Africa needs everyone who prays prayers these days.
    Your prose is powerful, raw, truth.

  8. The repetition of key words really works here. Normally it doesn't. Powerful write!

  9. Well the crack can be heard all the time, it's just a question of how many stops and looks.

    Thanks for letting me share my sad lines.