September 20, 2011

Requests in September

Here arrives the September
wearing the dress of Fall

The Foliage covering all the sidewalks
hiding the impacts of our footsteps
Blocking from our eyes
the great memories of summer.

He stood there, the one
Who still sends his old requests
To the Lord.

I do only worship you my God
& I know that I have a destiny
I will soon meet.

God I knew my memories can be forgotten
But I never thought that memories
can be hidden.

Why would you send the wind
or the foliage to stand between me
and my unforgotable days.

© 2010-2011


  1. Wonderful piece, really touches the senses and how mother nature can make us forget her warmth with her cold.

  2. intriguing...the losing of memories...and that is the age old question of why...and maybe one day we will get an answer...

  3. wonderful piece and yes memories can be hidden and one day they will wake up to haunt you if there was a even that you wanted to forget and thought that you had.

  4. I used to think that fall was my favorite season, but really I don't have a favorite one. I think it's the change between the seasons that captures me..... At the end of summer, that wind you spoke of, such a cool crisp wind cutting through, taking away the heat and sweat of summer and feeling so good on the skin. Seeing the foliage change to reds and golds...... It does! It makes you want to forget about summer because in its own right it is wonderful... Very nice poem....... :)

  5. maybe in night dreams all summer's memories will dance to life again!

    BEAUTIFUL poem.

  6. Pat Hatt - Brother Anees- Brian Miller -
    Ann leFlore - John Allen Richer - Jannie Funster.

    Thanks to you all. Every comment of yours made me think more and more about memories and how we easily can forget about them just because we don't see them anymore. So this is surly what the meth says: what is far away from eyes is also far away from heart.

    Thanks to you all and particularly to John who nicely described what I also felt when I wrote the poem.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend- in Denmark we are having a very sunny not windy weekend ;)