March 10, 2014

My own Swan


I saw you fly on the river like a swan
Trying to fly high above the water
Yet your wings touch the water
Water that makes your wings heavy
Beautiful they say, how swans fly calmly 

But someone like me would know
How you try to flee quickly 
Breathtaking they would say, 
I would know that's fear.

We all live in Glass houses
Nothing is hidden, not even our souls
Like Swans we react to danger 
And know how to flee
None of us can be safe

We can see each other 
Just some of us show more through the glass
& some of us hide and forget 
that nothing would be hidden in a glass house.

Be carefull my love
Hate can easily turn into fear.
But i wouldn't throw on you.

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2014

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  1. Shared with OPLN

  2. hate can def easily turn to fear...and some are just better at hiding , even in the glass houses...those willing to look though, to take the time will see...nice link of concepts...the water pulling at th wings...the glass house...the personal turn in the end is my fav though...

  3. True, nothing can be hidden in a glass house.

  4. The idea of needing to fly (to flee) quickly floods my head with thoughts of abuse either physical or emotional. Doesn't matter , both wear on the mind and weaken the soul. I would say fly hard, fast and never look back.
    Very thought-provoking, this piece.

  5. As I grow older I hide less and less--as my house walls are transformed to glass. Mayb it's b/c soon, ALL will be known by ALL. When that happens...I'm betting I will se a lot of me in others--for are we all not pretty much of the same cloth? Are we? See, I question myself at once. You make good thoughts. Fear and hate DO feed on one another. Yup, please don't throw on her/him!!!! Good

  6. Laurie Kolp, Ginny Brennan and Steve E. I won't throw stones just provoke others way of thinking.

    Thanks for your comments.