November 21, 2013

Complete Existence

I'm with you now. 
Writing on your hand my vows & promises
Asking the Lord to keep the promise. 
So smile, I never knew Love 
except you, my Love.

All the day, I walk on the streets 
Lost, humiliated & counting the minutes
I cannot find myself, so 
I become my fathers daughter
Surviving, to meet you.

Then the night arrives 
& the hurricane in my life subsides 
Then I win back myself 
When I see you, while a tufts of your hair 
is covering some of your face
Oh my existence & the only evidence of my remain.

Your smile builds back my whole entity 
which was demolished in the daytime. 
To write on your hand promises 
that I wont ever fulfill, but my existence    
in you, makes me promise 

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2013
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  1. Shared with OpenLinkNight– Week 123

  2. strong ending... love the idea of your existence being the promise... instead of those that are meant to be broken...

  3. smiles...what a connection....surviving the day just to see them again....the relief in night finally coming once more...

  4. the writing on the hand...i wrote my wife a poem when we were dating..on her hand....

  5. I like that , too, surviving the day to be reunited...and the writing on the hand.......lovely.

  6. And I'm still surviving everyday till we meet. Thanks everybody. I wish I was more talented so I could describe my feelings.