My New

Here, my heart served to you 
Take me with all your waverings
As one of your belongings. 
I'm ready.

I hold you back
yet you waited for me to realize
I'm yours.

You are my new identity
The new me I was looking for
Your eyes and lips as soft as mine
I would never hide our kisses
Let them see us hold hands
You are what matters. 

Let me take the lead, sometimes. 
Let us kiss and touch 

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2013

8 kommentarer:

vronlacroix said...

Love expressed in truth and beauty.

Grace said...

A romantic write, thank you ~

Mary said...

Lovely poem of love!

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Beautifully put.

brudberg said...

Lovely romancy... as it should be.

daisy chain said...

This is amazing!!!

Oh, how I adore this:
"Here, my heart served to you
Take me with all your waverings"

Seriously, that gave me MAJOR goose bumps.

And that closing!

"Let me take the lead, sometimes.
Let us kiss and touch"

Yes. YES! Anything you want!!! :)

De said...

"The new me I was looking for" -- I love this.

Kate Mia said...

and sofTest
Loves.. live

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