March 20, 2013

The Fall of the Sky

When the sky falls
You can hear the calls,

In every corner of this harbor
It has a story of lovers
When the night arrives 
& everything in the harbor becomes silence 

Every Lover waits for his heart to arrive
Under the free star & free the sound of the coast

How much I loved this harbor 
How I adored the nights of each port
It has many stories
Special stories of lovers
My story was the best
Yet mine was the saddest. 

When the sky fall
I can hear a call, in my mind

I opened my heart, and saw you
Peered, as arrogant as ever
Standing above my feelings
As I always re-build the scattered 
Tears under your feets.
As the nights and days passes
You still call. 

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2013


  1. nice close on this...the last bit there is very effective...the rebuilding under their feet...funny i just watched skyfall last night so i am still hearing adele singing it as i read

  2. I see a lot of thought about what has been. Very good. I feel the same, sometimes. Of the thoughts lingering and waltzing across my brain, wanting me to take notice. Although, I really want to notice. :)

  3. nice use of conflicting imagery, yet done so subtly it really has an outstanding effect. Love the best story also being the saddest. Nicely done. Thanks