September 10, 2013


Your habits, routine
and the rhythm that you follow
is nothing but the theme of your life.

Repeating and repeating
then you realize that you might as-well 
live your life backwards. 

Then you read,
or watch something
emotions around you grow,
hope will go,
days will pass,
tears will follow,
Then with feelings you live 
your life backwards,
You experience that nothing matters
yet in your life.

Only feelings, tenderness 
or maybe unspoken words
of "the theory of living the life backwards",
will matter in you live. 

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2013


  1. nice...i like the truth in the opening stanza in the realization of how we are living...not sure on living backwards, i need to think on that...i wonder if the message would a record

  2. Hmm - yes, the things we do over and over and over each day are those that don't really help us grow, or experience, or feel. It's the other stuff that really matters. How long does it take to learn this? A lifetime, I think. A thought-provoking poem - thank you!

  3. A life of numb...wish we could go back into reverse,
    we would get younger? Like backwards. Liked reading here too!

  4. Interesting concept this "living life backward". I often think, oh if I only knew this back when... but then I think, it must be the way it is for a reason. Your writing stirred deep thoughts. Thanks for sharing.