March 01, 2013

Loyality and my dreams

Your late my Master 
I'm only here to protect
my withered papers.
I woke up from the illusion of YOU,
after I had no patience left
Your late my dear
You come back after you mad me 
stay up all the nights
Let me ask
Where are my blossom Fragrances
That always filled the places
-Where is your taste, which was very high-

I swear on the minds of the past
That now I know the difference
between loyality and dreams
Your golden hair
is a symbol of my passion and Lovelorn

Your Majesty ... Your late
It took you a very long time
to get back... to be here
and I could not stand, wait
Under all the circumstances 
I was fed up

How much did I miss
It's not to describe
or tell

Where will I finde the old Perfumes
Meet the old smell of Loyality
I would go back for once
Because on her lap is my pleasure

Tears on my days
And my dreams

False passion
Full of pain in order to get me
Make me forget YOU
Tears on the late memories

Let it go


© 2010

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