February 26, 2013

Empty Desert -

There is nothing left, 
the cattle are Dead 
The crops are gone 
Whatever there was has been looted. 

Explore the Evil Sun 
While we cross the desert 
Despite the weeping heart 
 Crackings on the land 
Droughts of the Rivers 
Dreath among the People. 

Thus the boundaries - 
They sing the old hymns 
 and they'll let the tears roll down 

They would hunt a mood among us 
Like hyena waiting in the dark 
Sniffing approaching to us, stealthily 
Crossing & blaming the empty desert. 

Shared with dVerse Poets, it's OpenLinkNight
 ShadiatiQue © 2010-2013


  1. dang...you def capture the desolation....my fav part is that last bit...the hunting a mood among you like hyena...yikes...but makes the point...

  2. the deserts have their own songs..and the hyena part made me shiver... you did well capturing the mood here..

  3. blaming the empty desert / that's the bitter on the tongue 4 sure

  4. you bring to life the emptiness, decay, and loss quite perfectly. you paint a very shattering mood of the desert. the hyena was definitely a nice touch.

  5. "Blaming the empty desert" This lets me know that the desert is not to blame for the desolation here. Lovely. Powerful writing.

  6. Empty desert- shared the prompt from Poetry Jam this week was “Deserts” – physical deserts and metaphorical deserts.

  7. You've captured both physical and metaphorical deserts here. Really conveys the mood of emptiness. Thanks for posting this.

  8. Explore the evil sun - This is great, how we perceive the world and life around us. Great poem.

  9. the image of the wicked sun and the emptiness is chilling....

  10. "like hyena waiting in the dark" - Scary place!

  11. Made my heart heavy thinking about people whose vibrant desert life has destroyed by civil wars, terror and famine that results ... a powerful write !!!

  12. so you made a place I do not want to be!

  13. I did not create a new place.
    My intentions to remind you of the desert as the enemy.