April 01, 2014

Abruptness Ode

Abruptness Ode

Comparing to others
You are existent in the sentiment
As you are the light of my eyes
Looking as the purity of my conscience
You are always pure and chaste
Rarity of a calming irrigation

There is a homeland for each lover,
& for each boat a harbor
& for each dreamer a glimpse of a vision.
Never had better description.

This is written for Laurie's prompt at 
Her prompt this week is
 "Letting Go."
Happy to be part of it this time.

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  1. Nicely composed poem. So glad to meet you on Poetry Jam. I like the phrase 'there is a homeland for each lover, & for each boat a harbor.'

    I am glad to see you are responding to other poets, and hopefully others will respond in kind. I hope you will look at the new prompt which will go up 9 pm tonight - Central US Time. I will think you will enjoy it!

  2. I love that feeling that for each of us there is a harbour, a safe place, a homeland, lovely words and emotion.

  3. I like the emotions you expressed in your poem. The second stanza is my favorite.

  4. This is lovely... and I especially like the first stanza and think it could stand on it's own.

  5. Mary, Gabriella and alan1704 thanks for your comments.
    Laurie Kolp, great that you could see that the first stanza could stand alone. I wrote the two stanzas with a break in between.