December 01, 2010

Before the Daybreak, I know-how

Before the Daybreak,
I know-how
With his large hand,
And his strong fingers
Was he warming
my whole hand!

I could feel the cracking lines
 on the edge of his fingers
They were so fissured

He was with his hand, warming me,
from the cold of the morning
my Papa!

The sun was not yet up
And we could only hear
 the Rooster crow alone
I know,
it is like any other morning

Papa, If I did not see
 the morning before
If I did not hear
the crowing before
I would be astonished

Walking between the old trees
Carrying your old leather valise
Wearing mama's shirt, feeling her
soul when knitting my shirt

Well, I am jiggered
While watching you
 build my future
like you wanted yours,

I'll be astonished
With amazement
and Wonder
I always watch the Sunrise

© 2010


  1. I t touched me deeply..the photo,the words..totally incredible!
    my father and I are so close..i just love this piece!
    SO MUCH..:)

  2. smiles...hands are so evocative...esp that of a loving parent...excellent write...

  3. such a special moment you describe with such love and tenderness...really beautiful

  4. A touching piece about your relationship with your father. I think many people can relate to this. Nice One Shot!

    P.S. It's spelled "daybreak"

  5. @ Eric lol smart ass. ;) This is a wonderful one shot. I too try to watch the sunrise every morning. Sometimes my meds don't let me. Love and Light, Sender

  6. I've been there as a father and it's a wonderful feeling. Thanks for sharing the son's perspective for me.

  7. whats more wonderful is reading this after just coming from my daughters bedroom and putting her to sleep..thanks for this..cheers pete

  8. @ Eric
    Now I know why and why I did not win that compitition. I wrote these lines two month ago and published here just now. Thank you for the comment ;)

    @ Desert Rose
    @ Pete Marshall
    @ Claudia
    @ Sender
    @ Booguloo
    @ Brian Miller

    I have'nt see you all comment in one post for a very long time. that means I for sure could write about a situation or a bond between father and son or father and daugter.

    I'm very very thankfull to you all.

    S. Sharp <3