April 05, 2017

Remembering & Witnessing

Remembering & Witnessing - d'Verse Poets

I am a human being bored of thinking 
I wake up in my days of health 
To continue in  my wandering
From the suburbs of remembering and witnessing
too proud of the wound.
So I smile. 

Forgetfulness is living in a gloom
I have learned from the arrogance of my wounds.

I refuse to be ...
Just white papers in the anniversary book

I refuse to be ...
Just a drowned with no fear of the wetness!

Hey (I) female ... I resign!
Of the possibilities of life!
From speculation of your femininity

Hey (I) female, in my inspiration
it is like an olive tree
that is heavy of snow

I live in the slums of the massacres
To become a dam in the wind.
So I smile. 


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  1. dark and well written. And it makes me wonder, with out direction, more concretely of you.

  2. Gayle Walters RoseJune 3, 2017 at 4:19 AM

    Lot of pain here and even anger...underneath those smiles.

  3. It seems the smile covers a wealth of bitterness and disillusionment. A sad write.

  4. I feel a lot of resignation in this... but maybe it's the moment at the bottom when you can start to climb again

  5. Thank you Björn. Yes it's the bottom ... that's why I resign. And the female in me must support and inspire.