September 30, 2014

Mirror - The Arrival of The Deadman

Breathless, shattered 
still hurt from the cold nights 
I arrived to the heaven 
I found it like a mirror. 
Unlike other mirrors 
I could only see my truth

Death never scared me as
I would leave the misery
but relieved to know
That you wouldn't follow

Every lie I ever told 
Every falls signals 
I intentionally send
Was shown in the mirror
Lies as pure, condour 
like you wanted.

I looked closely, 
After the full-blown
The undivided story
My share of your life
To let this story,
Be my trophy.

for dVerse Poets - Deadman poems in the tradition of Marvin Bell.

ShadiatiQue © 2010-2014
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  1. How interesting to view heaven as a mirror, reflecting truths ~ I believe in accountability though in the end of our life (lives) ~

    Thanks for joining in and wishing you happy week ~

  2. whew...what an interesting thought on that mirror eh? some of the things i am sure i would not want to see...wonder if we could face our truthes.....

  3. What a mirror.. I guess to look through to the truths inside us would be a tough entry into heaven--

  4. heaven is a mirror reflecting our truths...a beautiful thought...

  5. A sad life, evidently; makes me think this protagonist is better of now, even facing that mirror.

  6. Even though it's a harsh welcome or arrival for the dead-man, he still has his trophy.

    thanks for all the comments and reflecting words.